Flirty Girl Fitness Abs & Booty Sexy Workout DVD

July 12, 2017 - Comment

sealed, great item.

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sealed, great item.


lynn likes books says:

One of the better Flirty Girl endeavors I have most of the flirty girl series (except for the pole dancing ones), mostly because if you order one video they send you a new one each month even if you try and cancel. While the majority of the videos are awfull this particular one is AWESOME. Where these ladies suck at teaching dance based videos they excel at strength training and toning. The moves are easy to follow, and while some seem easy, you do feel the burn. What I love about thier toning videos are that it is geared to all…

Amira Rayne says:

Great Workout For Me! While the whole workout isn’t tough, some of what you do really burns! I can really feel my muscles working out. You do your abs, booty and thighs. There’s a section where you do your inner and outer thighs and it really burns! I’m sort of used to the ab workouts, so they don’t bother me as much, but the booty and thigh workouts can get tough. I know this workout is going to be good for me. I would recommend this video for any woman that wants to work out their abs, booty or thighs. You even…

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