Sundiao Smart Bracelet Bluetooth Wireless Fitness Pedometer Tracker Activity Tracker with Monitoring Calories Track Sleep for Sports Fitness Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Monitoring (Black)

June 1, 2017 - Comment

Hardware parametersCPU:nordic51822Display screen:0.42 inch TFT high-definition OLEDtouch screen:Touch buttonBluetooth:VER4.0Heart rate sensor:lst1303Triaxial sensor:LIS3DHbattery:70Mah large capacity polymer batteriesG-SENSOR:Step analysis\sedentary reminder\sleep monitoring\heart rate monitoring\contact magnetic charge\Contact touchSystem support:Andrews and IOSFunction parameterRaise the hand on the screen:supportincoming call:Vibration reminderSMS:Vibration reminderHeart rate monitoring:supportBlood pressure test:supportClock display:White lightAlarm clock:Vibration reminderPedometer:Movement step, calorie consumption calculation, movement mileage recordFind the bracelet:supportSleep monitoring:Sleep quality

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Hardware parameters
Display screen:0.42 inch TFT high-definition OLED
touch screen:Touch button
Heart rate sensor:lst1303
Triaxial sensor:LIS3DH
battery:70Mah large capacity polymer batteries
G-SENSOR:Step analysis\sedentary reminder\sleep monitoring\heart rate monitoring\contact magnetic charge\Contact touch
System support:Andrews and IOS
Function parameter
Raise the hand on the screen:support
incoming call:Vibration reminder
SMS:Vibration reminder
Heart rate monitoring:support
Blood pressure test:support
Clock display:White light
Alarm clock:Vibration reminder
Pedometer:Movement step, calorie consumption calculation, movement mileage record
Find the bracelet:support
Sleep monitoring:Sleep quality test
Other functions:WeChat\Facebook\WhatsApp and other reminders
Appearance parameters
Colour:Ink black, orange red, charm purple, blue, coffee
Material:Body: ABS + PC strap: TPU
Machine size:45mm * 20mm * 10.5mm
Strap size:245mm
Machine weight:20g
waterproof level:IP67
Package Size:128mm * 82mm * 31mm
Package weight:55g
Carton size:42cm*29.5cm*17.5cm

In order to prevent accidental shutdown to interrupt the continuous monitoring of health data, this device does not have turn off function

Product Features

  • Activity Records : record daily calories, distance, quantity,count,step pedometer, activity duration;
  • Notification Remind : intelligent notification be clear at a glance, convenient and timely access to telephone, SMS, and all kinds of social information.
  • Sleep Monitor : automatic monitoring sleep duration and sleep quality, sleep can view the trend to improve sleep, and through the vibration alarm clock wake you quietly;
  • IP67 level waterproof, the use of more peace of mind


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