The Method – Dance to Fitness

May 1, 2017 - Comment
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J. hamaguchi says:

New packaging, same old video! While I love this video, I must warn that I have been loving it for, at least, 10 years. I bought it because I thought I was getting something new due to the new packaging and their claim that it is from 2008. I was very disappointed to start it and see that it is the very same video I have been using all these years and not something new.With that said, it is a good workout form me because it is very similar to a real dance class. I just don’t like being tricked into buying a…

Michelle D says:

Full bodied goodness I love the way that these dance exercises use the full body, with way more stress on using the torso that most aerobics videos. I did a little dancing is school and love the feel of the freedom involved in dancing, using and stretching all the muscles in my body.Most movements in aerobics videos do not use as many muscles as the movements in ballet, jazz and modern. And even the isolations involved make you aware of the muscles that are being used in more complicated movements…

Anonymous says:

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