Chair Dancing Fitness: Sit Down & Tone Up Encore

November 2, 2014 - Comment
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Dallee "Dallee" says:

Excellent choice for a DVD for seated chair exercises Jodi Stolove has an extended history as an exercise expert in the chair dancing / seated exercise arena. This “Encore” DVD is particularly appealing because, as a recent effort, it is visually contemporary with a bright, modern feel.The exercises are effective, but not so difficult that you would feel defeated by them. They are very well selected, working all areas of the body, and you will definitely feel their positive impact.I’ve looked at a number of seated…

S 'n' E says:

Awesomesauce! Seriously Good Sessions I am an avid fan of Jodi’s line of exercise videos. Even though time constraints and events have been getting in the way of my fitness goal, the MUSCLES I have developed through her “Sit Down and Tone Up” series REMAIN! Unlike other programs when after you stop, soon you feel your progress leave as well – not at all encouraging. So picking back up after a few weeks (or even months) feels like you’ll soon reach your goal if you can get Life and Health Goals to cooperate ;-)…

LJS says:

Sit Down Exercise CD 0

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