The Firm Express DVD Kit

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View larger The Firm Express DVD Kit The Firm Express DVD Kit is a 30-day, 4-cycle workout system arranged in a unique progression specifically sequenced to optimize weight loss and sculpt long, lean muscles. Each cycle includes three revolutionary workouts for a total of 12 power-packed DVDs based on cutting-edge fitness and designed to help

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View larger The Firm Express DVD Kit

The Firm Express DVD Kit is a 30-day, 4-cycle workout system arranged in a unique progression specifically sequenced to optimize weight loss and sculpt long, lean muscles. Each cycle includes three revolutionary workouts for a total of 12 power-packed DVDs based on cutting-edge fitness and designed to help you achieve maximum results in minimum time. Also included is a Fitness Guide, 4-day Flat Belly Kick Start Nutrition Guide, and bonus DVD with two workouts designed to kick start your metabolism and jump start your weight loss. Suggested weights NOT included.

Cardio + Sculpt

During each cycle, The Firm Express will ignite your metabolism by blending cardio and sculpting together with Mini Bursts that rev the metabolism to produce an after-burn effect so you’ll keep burning calories even after your workout is complete. It’s The Firm’s fastest and most effective weight loss plan yet.

About The Firm

For more than 25 years, The Firm has combined cardio and sculpting exercises in a unique and effective way to help you develop the body you’ve always wanted. The Firm Express DVD Kit continues this trusted tradition with all new, cutting-edge programs that will supercharge your workout with an innovative, new technique called 8 Second Training, or Mini Bursts, shorter but revved up versions of traditional interval training that burn calories, tone muscles and get targeted results – fast. And, you can do it all in just three, 20-minute workouts a week!

View larger Get Thin in 30!

This revolutionary 30-day workout system includes 13 DVDs, a Fitness Guide and a 4-day Kick Start Nutrition Plan. In only 20 minutes a day and 3 days a week you can lose up to 15 pounds in 30 days (results may vary)!

View larger Cycle 1 : Ignite

Master Instructor Emily Welsh conducts ‘Cycle 1: Ignite’ over three DVDs – #1 (Sculpt): A classic sculpting routine using lighter weights and Mini Bursts to target all the major muscle groups while preparing you to master the skills that will help sculpt lean muscle and burn fat – fast! #2 (Cardio): Straightforward cardio moves with four easy-to-follow rounds of Mini Bursts to get your heart pumping and fire up the calorie burn. #3 (Cardio + Sculpt): This fast paced, efficient program combines low impact cardio and sculpting into one perfect workout that hits every muscle including those hard to tone abs.

View larger Cycle 2: Accelerate

Master Instructor Rebekah Sturkie conducts ‘Cycle 2: Accelerate’ over three DVDs – #1 (Sculpt): A slower pace and heavier resistance spark calorie burn and target muscles. Adding weights to two of the four Mini Bursts increases the challenge and results. #2 (Cardio): By adding plyometric jump transitions, simple sports drills get kick up a notch, sending fat and calorie burn into the stratosphere! #3 (Cardio + Sculpt): Following the same format as Ignite’s Cardio + Sculpt, this routine pushes the effort with heavier weights and faster paced Mini Bursts.

View larger Cycle 3: TurboCharge

Master Instructor Alison Davis McLain conducts ‘Cycle 3: TurboCharge’ over three DVDs – #1 (Sculpt): Lower intensity and moderate weights allow your body to continue sculpting strong, lean muscle. Agility and balance elements engage mind and body while sculpting the torso. #2 (Cardio): Mini Bursts feature high-powered progressions using kettlebell style exercises, with lower impact alternatives that suit your fitness level. #3 (Cardio + Sculpt): Balance and agility progressions keep the body guessing and progressing. Mini Bursts feature fresh takes on classic calorie sizzlers for a total body workout.

View larger Cycle 4: Overdrive

Master Instructor Kelsie Daniels conducts ‘Cycle 4: Overdrive’ over three DVDs – #1 (Sculpt): Slowing the pace and using heavier weights will push you to the max! Sets are short and exercises are targeted. Lighter weights will be used during Mini Bursts. #2 (Cardio): Kickboxing moves while holding weights power charges calorie burn and revs up your metabolism. No matter what your fitness level, you can master these sequences and push yourself to the limit. #3 (Cardio + Sculpt): Targeted toners plus potent cardio blasts keep it fresh in this peak performance workout. Amazing total body cardio and head-to-toe sculpt!

View larger Bonus DVD: Kick Start Your Metabolism

Master Instructor Jennifer Ray runs through two workouts: #1 (Pump It Up!): Get fab results with this condensed version of the Firm Express. All it takes is four highly effective and sequenced moves combined with four rounds of Mini Bursts to start melting all over fat. Perfect when you’re high on motivation, but short on time. #2 (Shortcut to Flat Abs): A unique ab training program using targeted exercises done standing, sitting, on your back and belly. The Firm Express takes a science-based approach and infuses it with the latest studio techniques. A fun and effective core toning routine!

Product Features

  • Burn up to 3X more fat
  • Revolutionary 8-second mini burst
  • Quick results, 30 day, four cycle system specifically sequenced to optimize weight loss
  • Sculpt thighs, buns, abs, and upper body to perfection
  • 24/7 Fat burning – Continue to burn calories long after workouts are over


Anyhu09 says:

Total Body Workout My husband and I had originally purchased P90x to workout. After a few months of skipping workouts (because each one was an hour! Who has an hour every day to workout?), I started looking for other options and found The Firm Express: Get Thin in 30. It’s perfect! When people ask how the workouts are, I describe it as the girls’ version of P90.Each workout is only 20 minutes! (perfect!). I was surprised how hard the workouts are. Each workout is a total body workout, so The Firm provides you with a workout plan of 3 days a week. They also tell you how much weight to aim for when you’re in certain DVD “cycles”. For example, cycle one the recommended weight range is 5-8pounds, but for cycle four it’s 8-15pounds. I used to love to workout, but lets face it, I’m married, work full-time, and go to school. The 20 minute workouts provide me with everything I was looking for from a workout system (toning and cardio).The Firm says you’ll see results in 10…

Ashley Simpson says:

Amazing 0

J. Sipkens says:

Best cardio I cannot believe that one reviewer said that these workouts do not make him/her sweat! Even my knees sweat which I thought impossible. When I get done with one of the cardio workouts, my hair/scalp are drenched as well as the rest of my body. I guess these workouts might not be considered sufficiently challenging for a marathoner or a triathlete or a super-advanced exerciser. But I’ve been exercising for over 40 years and find these workouts challenging, especially the cardio. I really love the cardio the most. The cardio DVDs keep changing so fast that it’s impossible to be bored and, before I know it, the workout is over. I do feel that I need to add a few traditional weightlifting moves — heavier weights, slower speed — as the sculpting and cardio/sculpting DVDs move quickly and are quite short (30 minutes). But then I’ve been lifting weights for about 30 years. Most people will probably find the sculpting more than adequate. According to the science I’ve read, this type…

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